photograph of a headstock being strung

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort"

- John Ruskin

Eltham Jones, guitar repair and technical services :Bristol : Cardiff : Bridgend : Tel. 07971 240296

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A broken Les Paul Headstock

A comprehensive repair service for guitar, bass and miscellaneous stringed instruments, specialising in acoustic pickup installation and offering solutions which optimise guitar playability, tuning stability and intonation accuracy based on a sound understanding of string dynamics and the spatial geometry of the guitar.

  • Routine services include:
  • Restringing
  • Set ups
  • Fret dressing and repair
  • Intonation Tempering
  • Electrical repairs
  • Audio EM screening
  • Replacement nuts
  • Trick circuits
  • Headstock and neck repairs

Stainless Steel Refrets

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a humbucking pickup
a fishman Ellipse VT pickup
a guitar fingerboard
a 5-way switch
a phosphor bronze nut
A five pound note and some loose change
a guitar headstock with tuners
a tuning fork
a guitar nut
waveform trace
a photo of a guitar bridge being adjusted

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