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Your finished restring should look as good as this.

Whether you follow every step of the procedure I've described to the letter is, of course a matter of personal preference; I can restring a guitar this way in under 5 mins but I've had thirty years practice and for a professional time is money. You may prefer to take a more leisurely approach but whichever approach you take your final aim should be for a neat and clean result.

Always cut excess string off after you have fitted them; An excess of string dangling from your headstock might look very rock 'n' roll but it can actually be dangerous as well as irritating.

Make sure you get a good quality string cutter. Good quality doesn't mean expensive; my best string cutter cost me 99p at Handiland in Newport about 20 years ago and I'm still using it.

Perhaps most hazardous are the 1" lengths of string some players leave sticking out ready to spike any unwary fingers. a cut string is as sharp as a hypodermic needle but much more painful going in and can carry all kinds of bugs. Likewise old strings should be immediately rolled up and slung in the bin. An unseen .009" string trapped between a plug and a wall socket provides a potential live feed into the room. Aside from the danger to yourself I guarantee you that Kitty or Rover will find it...


Restringing - part 4

a properly strung guitar

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